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Setting Yesterday Free

(with Infinity Plus Three)

Side 1 Side 2
All My Trials Presence Of The Lord***
Life's Ocean Second Best Friend
You Not Alone
Morning Light* A Place Inside
Memory* Love**
*by Jim Evans
** by Mike DeCastro
*** by Eric Clapton

On Turning To Dust

Side 1 Side 2
On Turning To Dust 4:20 Solid Rock 2:25
Dinner At Grandma's* 2:45 To Diane 3:07
Cabin In Gloryland** 1:10 Greensleeves*** 0:43
A Friend 2:57 There is a Fountain / 
Coming on Down the Road
Abba's Lullabye 3:20 Passion Chorale**** 0:42
    All 3:50
*by Mark Heard, Pat Terry & Jeff Vansant
** by O. A. Parris & Cpl. Curtis Stewart, © 1944
***Trad. English
**** J.S. Bach

Appalachian Melody

Side 1 Side 2
On the Radio 3:38 Appalachian Melody 4:17
Castaway 3:26 Happy Cornbread Anniversary 1:48
Bless My Soul 4:04 Two Trusting Jesus 4:13
Here I Am (Once Again) 3:54 Jonah's Song 5:26
With the Setting Sun 1:42 Sidewalk Soliloquy 3:18
    The Last Time 3:16
    The Saints 0:22


Order from
Side 1 Side 2
I'm In Chains 3:39 Gimme Mine 3:23
Nowadays 3:25 All the Sleepless Dreamers 3:30
One More Time 3:02 Negative Charge 3:57
Epistle 2:50 Brown-Eyed Sue 3:20
Just the Same 3:19 Es Tut Mir Leid 1:55
Well-worn Pages 2:52 Remarks To Mr. McLuhan 2:05
Intro 0:25 Threefold Amen 0:23

Stop the Dominoes

Side 1 Side 2
One Of the Dominoes 4:23 Stuck In the Middle 4:39
Stranded At the Station 3:30 Call Me the Fool 3:11
You Could Lie To Me 4:02 I'm In Chains 3:25
One Night Stand 2:52 Lonely One 4:35
I'm Crying Again 3:29 To See Your Face 3:31

Victims Of the Age

Side 1 Side 2
Victims Of the Age Growing Up Blind
City Life Won't Let Up Dancing At the Policeman's Ball
Faces In Cabs Everybody Loves a Holy War
Nothing Is Bothering Me Heart Of Hearts
Some Folks' World  

Eye Of the Storm

Side 1 Side 2
Eye Of the Storm In the Gaze Of the Spotlight's Eye
The Pain That Plagues Creation Gimme Mine
Castaway These Plastic Halos
Well-worn Pages No One But You
He Will Listen To You Moonflower

Ashes and Light

Side 1 Side 2
The Winds Of Time 3:56 Straw Men 3:57
True Confessions 3:30 Age Of the Broken Heart 4:13
I Know What It's 
Like To Be Loved
3:34 Can't See Light 4:56
Washed To the Sea 3:18 Threw It Away 4:00
We Believe So Well 3:26 In Spite Of Himself 3:05


Side 1 Side 2
With Broken Wings The Golden Age
Schizophrenia The Power Of Love*
All Is Not Lost I Want You
Heart On the Line It Will Not Be 
Like This Forever
He Plays the Game Miracle**
*Words and music by T-Bone Burnett, © 1980 Black Tent Music.
** Words and music by Mark Heard and Tonio K.

Best Of - Acoustic

Side 1 Side 2
Family Name* I'm Crying Again
Eye Of the Storm Some Folks' World
Castaway Can't See the Light
In the Gaze of the 
Spotlight's Eye
True Confessions
Call Me the Fool Well-worn Pages
To See Your Face In Spite Of Himself
* By Billy Batstone

Best Of - Electric or

The Greatest Hits of Mark Heard

Side 1 Side 2
Heart of Hearts The Golden Age
The Winds of Time One of the Dominoes
Stranded at the Station Dancing at the
Policeman's Ball
Threw It Away One Night Stand
Victims of the Age Nothing Is Bothering Me
Stuck in the Middle Faces in Cabs

Tribal Opera

Side 1 Side 2
I Am An Emotional Man Love Is Bigger Than Life
Is It Any Wonder How To Grow Up Big and Strong
Watching the Ship Go Down Everybody Dances
Talk To Me Why Can't We Just Say No
Go Ask the Dead Man Hold Back Your Tears

Dry Bones Dance

Track List
Rise From the Ruins 3:03
The Dry Bones Dance 3:49
House Of Broken Dreams 4:13
Our Restless Hearts 3:43
Nobody's Looking 3:27
All She Wanted Was Love 4:21
Strong Hand Of Love 3:05
How Many Tears 3:01
Lonely Road 4:13
Waiting For A Reason 3:32
Everything Is Alright 4:24
Awake In the Nighttime 3:30
Mercy Of the Flame 4:59
Fire 7:14

Second Hand

Track List
Nod Over Coffee 4:37
Lonely Moon 4:54
Worry Too Much 4:13
Look Over Your Shoulder 3:29
She Don't Have A Clue 3:46
Talking In Circles 4:05
Love Is Not the Only Thing 4:58 
I Just Wanna Get Warm 3:54
Another Good Lie 5:39
All Too Soon 3:56
It's Not Your Fault 3:23
I'm Looking Through You* 3:40
What Kind Of A Friend 2:42
The Way Of Men** 5:09
*words and music by Lennon/McCartney © 1965
**words and music by Steve Padgett © 1991 Scout and Angel Music ASCAP

Satellite Sky

Order from
Track List
Tip Of My Tongue 4:22
Satellite Sky 3:48
Big Wheels Roll 4:02
Orphans Of God 6:22
Another Day In Limbo 4:31
Language Of Love 4:06
Freighttrain To Nowhere 4:30
Long Way Down 4:42
A Broken Man 5:42
Love Is So Blind 3:15
Hammers And Nails 4:40
We Know Too Much 5:58
Lost On Purpose 4:20
Nothing But the Wind 3:31
Treasure Of the Broken Land 6:22

Reflections Of A Former Life

Track List
Stranded At the Station
Dancing At the Policeman's Ball
Threw It Away
Heart Of Hearts
The Winds Of Time
Stuck In the Middle
Eye Of the Storm
Family Name*
One Of the Dominoes
Nothing Is Bothering Me
Carry On
Brown-Eyed Sue
*By Bill Batstone

High Noon

Order from
Track List
Strong Hand Of Love
I Just Wanna Get Warm
Look Over Your Shoulder
My Redeemer Lives
Another Day In Limbo
She's Not Afraid*
The Dry Bones Dance
House Of Broken Dreams
Everything Is Alright
Hammers And Nails
Love Is So Blind
Nod Over Coffee
Love Is Not the Only Thing
Shaky Situation*
Orphans Of God
What Kind Of A Friend
Treasure Of the Broken Land
* Previously unreleased. 

Orphans of God

A 2 disc tribute album with various artists covering Mark's songs.  (Some of these songs are on the shorter 1-disc version called Strong Hand of Love.  Order from

Track List
Disc One
Orphans of God Buddy and Julie Miller 4:21
We Know Too Much Michael Been 5:04
Freight Train to Nowhere The Vigilantes of Love 3:54
It's Not Your Fault Ashley Cleveland 4:00
I Just Wanna Get Warm Dan Russell 3:40
Satellite Sky Kate Taylor 4:35
Mercy of the Flame Pat Terry 5:17
Rise from the Ruins Brooks Williams 4:32
Strong Hand of Love Bruce Cockburn 3:11
What Kind of Friend Victoria Williams 5:25
House of Broken Dreams The Williams Brothers 3:27
Tip of My Tongue Tom Prasada-Rao 6:50
Everything is Alright Phil Keaggy 5:00
Big and Strong Olivia Newton-John 4:32
All She Wanted Was Love Big Faith 3:42
Another Good Lie hezze 5:06
Treasure of the Broken Land Chagall Guevara 6:04
Disc Two
Lonely Moon Kevin Smith 5:12
Worry Too Much Harrod and Funck 5:03
Fire bob 4:44
Big Wheels Roll John Austin 5:51
Rise from the Ruins Parmin Sisters 5:00
Watching the Ship Go Down Iain 5:56
Another Day in Limbo Tonio K. 3:50
Love is so Blind Carolyn Arends 3:41
Nod Over Coffee Pierce Pettis 4:24
Remarks To Mr. McLuhan Ramona Silver 1:46
Long Way Down Swinging Steaks 4:20
Look Over Your Shoulder Randy Stonehill & Kate Miner 4:06
Threw It Away Glen Kaiser 4:57
Dry Bones Dance Colin Linden 4:16
Tip Of My Tongue The Choir 4:41
Strong Hand of Love da 3:39
Hammer and Nails Marvin Etzioni 7:09

Miscellaneous Songs
Song Title Performed By Album
I Always Do Phil Keaggy & Sunday's Child Sunday's Child
Jericho iDEoLA (Mark Heard) Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feets