Second Best Friend
by Mark Heard.

My second best friend doesn't need to do
The things that tangle up most people in some way
My second best friend doesn't need to view
Life as useless when pain gets in the way

Doesn't mind being number two
Spot one's already occupied it's true
My second best friend stands just five feet and four
But this friend has opened up the door (opened up the door)
To my best friend
Friend number one

My second best friend helps me when I'm down
And tells me not to worry 'bout a thing
And even when I feel that I'm twelve feet below the ground
My friend says words to me that make me want to sing

Sometimes I wish that everybody had a friend like my
second best friend to take them by the hand
But then I'd rather they knew my best friend who came to die
Two thousand years ago
He's really quite a man

From Setting Yesterday Free
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