by Mark Heard.

You can look at the headlines
And like what you’ve read
You can look in the mirror at the hole in your head

You can glance at the humdrum
Moonland in tandem
Fire handguns at random

You can entice the lightning
Lure in the lies
You can look for Delilah with red-hot pokers in your eyes
You can hunt down a witness
Beg for forgiveness
Plead that your heartbeat cease

You can do what you want to
Go ahead, won’t nobody call the police

You can wait for the hubub
Wait for disgrace
You can wait for the flood with an ark in your parking place
You can wait to be grateful
Hate to be hateful
Fail to be faithful

You can pray for a victory
Or someone’s defeat
You can pray that the tanks never roll down your street
You can count all your blessings
Shout ‘til your ears ring
Doubt ‘til your clothes cling

You can pray if you want to
Go ahead, nobody’s looking but God

You can wink at the Pharaoh
Dance with the Queen
Be nice to the nice guys and mean to the mean in your dreams
You can fence with a windmill
Surf in a seashell
Hide in a hotel

You can love one another
Or negotiate
You can love all the things that you manage to hate
You can tug on the heartstrings
Shrug ‘til the phone rings
Or love ‘til your heart stings

You can love if you want to
Go ahead, nobody’s looking but God

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