by Mark Heard.
Piano: Mark
Whenever I venture from my home
Why do I feel so all alone
People should laugh
People should love

I'm in a crowd a hundred strong
Watching the people walk alone
Moments of life squandered away

Maybe it's just a thing
that I can't understand
Maybe I'm just a much too simple man

Whenever I smile and nod my head
Folks look at me like I was dead
What can I say
Where can I run

No one has heard me say hello
They're deaf dumb and blind for all I know
What can I do
What can be done

Maybe I'm just too soft
Too easy to bruise and scar
Maybe I've let my feelings go too far

But if I am wrong to feel this way
Then I am wrong most every day
What can I do what can I say

Once there was One Who spoke of this
He told us why it's like it is
And we're all to blame
It's such a shame

From Appalachian Melody
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