by Mark Heard.

She was trapped in a photograph
When times were better
Saying cheese with a frozen laugh
When times were better
How she wishes she could thaw that scene
Make it real and not just some camera's dream
And bring back the places
And the feeling and the faces
From the graves where they've been

She's not afraid of sticks and stones
She's not afraid of thunderstorms
She's not afraid of smartbombs blowing
The world in little pieces
But she's afraid of a life alone
She is afraid of an empty home
She is afraid that her faith has flown
Afraid of losing memories

She was the captain of her maiden flights
When times were better
Skywriting with the smoke of life
When times were better
And now she wishes she could beat her wings
And sail back on a innocent breeze
Bring back the freedom of believing
In the decency of anything


How she wishes she could strangle time
Put it in a prison for stealing her blind
Bring back her riches
From the rubble of her wishes
Where she's let them lie


From High Noon
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