by Mark Heard.

Silently walking the sidewalk at nightfall
Whispering echoes of joy to myself
Humming a song that once seemed so unwanted
Talking to people that I've never met

And I feel it I've been lonely once before
And I love to smell the dead leaves as my patch goes on by home
And the dust blows in my eyes as pictures in them stare to form
And I walk on and think and dream (know) I'm not alone not alone

Patterns appear on the low lying grey sky
The softly perceptible clouds hang above
The cold breeze of autumn walks by as I walk on
Wondering wonders and wondering love

Words float beyond me my shoes tap the concrete
I feel so inadequate desperate and small
But I'm freed with a love that I can't comprehend now
I cannot stumble and I cannot fall

* "Not Along" on lyric sheet
From Setting Yesterday Free
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