by Mark Heard.
Lead Guitar: Jon Linn•Harmonies: Mark, Larry, Randy•Arp Omni: George Price

Greenback band of the hour
Setting half the trends we know
They've got the power
They're on the radio

Flap-trap terminal D.J.
Repeating everything he know
He picks the hits
Hey, he's on the radio

Just by flipping one button
You got an instant song
You needn't try to learn it
'Cause no one'll like it long

Hark to the three word poet
Making up the words as he goes
But you'd never know it
'Cause he's on the radio
Talkin' bout the radio

Big wigs in ivory towers
Gotcha forty songs to play
You can hear them every hour
While they're laughing to the bank each day

Play it to me over and over
Play it in your car on the go
Play it on the jukebox
Play it on the radio

Pay no mind what you're playing
But turn it up a whole lot more
Be like your D.J.
Be like your radio

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now don't touch that dial
And lemme hear you smile
Ooo yeah - I said ooo yeah
Join the crowd
Turn it up loud

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