by Mark Heard.

Some folks can't wait
Till God gets wind of what has
happened to me
I've got some doubts and questions
Don't you see
They say, "What does the poor boy
Think he's doing hanging around our door
We discussed this before
There ain't room for him no more"

One more time, one more time
Won't you take the time to help me
One more time
One more time, one more time
Please take the time to help me this time

It's a scary thing
To hang between Heaven and Hell
And comfort is not in
No trite clichés
But try as I might that's all I got
From some personnel
If my fate was their will
I'd be hanging there still

Well a friend of mine and I
We talked for hours and days
Stayed up nights to help me
Think about it
We did not leave a single stone unturned
In all of my mind
Now my doubts are unwinding
And I'm feeling fine

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