by Mike DeCastro*

He gave His only Son to save mankind from dying
He overlooked our foolish pride
If that's not love my friend then what is there to living
There's no way you can lose if God is on your side

God is love you can't deny it He has a plan for you and me
The only way to Him is through His Son Christ Jesus
Our lives are in His hands He holds for us the key

I look back on the years I lived before He saved me
I realize the time I've lost
If God had not loved me despite my imperfections
Then Jesus Christ would not have had to pay the cost

My life is only as a speck of dust in God's eyes
Yet He regards me as his own
A few short years to spread His word to all the nations
Then I'll live with Him in My Heavenly Home

*From Setting Yesterday Free : Mark Heard's early band Infinity+3.  Included mainly as a cultural artifact.
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