by Mark Heard.

Baby you know I love you
I wanna be your man
Try to show I'm thinking of you
The best ways that I can
I ain't got no bankroll
No social respect
Just a hug and a kiss
But then that's what you'd expect
You look like Mona Lisa from your head to your waist
The only thing that's missing is a smile on your face

A shaky situation is all I know how to arrange
A shaky situation, unless the rules of the game were to change
A shaky situation, about the best that I can do
A shaky situation, I'll leave the rest up to you

Well you talk about security
There ain't no such thing
You got your earthquakes, jailbreaks
Foreign competition and your runaway subway trains
I'm not trying to be callous
I'm not trying to be cold
Some things are just more important
Than watching the big wheels roll
I'll admit that I am not the king of the earth
But ain't there no way to figure what my intentions are worth


Babe I ain't got no concept
Of this American Romance
I couldn't ride into no sunset
To no split-level ranch
And anyhow what we got ain't so bad
We ain't never missed a meal
All I want is you
And baby that's something that's real
You could hit the highway with a map and a gun
And I wouldn't blame you if you never returned


From High Noon
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