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Engineered and mixed by Mark Heard at Fingerprint Recorders, Montrose, California. April-May, 1984

Mark Heard - Acoustic guitars, Electric 6 and 12 string guitars, Slide guitars,  Synth on "True Confessions", Bass on "Washed To The Sea" and "Threw It Away", Harmonica, Accordian, Vocals
Dave McSparran - Drums
Bill Batstone - Bass
Carl Pickhardt- Hammond Organ
David Mansfield - Fiddle, Dobro: Lead guitar on "Age Of The Broken Heart"
Pat Terry - Electric guitar on "Washed To The Sea", Acoustic guitar on "Threw It Away": Synth on "Straw Men", "We Believe So Well" and "In Spite Of Himself", general comraderie and comic relief.
Tom Howard - Synth on "Can't See Light", "I Know What It's Like To Be Loved", "We Believe So Well"
Harry Stinson - Percussion

Background Vocals by Mark Heard, Dave de Coup-Crank and Dori Howard

Assistant Engineer on basic tracks: Dan Reed
Punch-in's by: Mylo Carter, Janet Heard, Pat Terry, Tim Alderson, Dave de Coup-Crank

Cover Photography and Artwork by Stewart Ivester
Art Director: Tim Alderson
Cover concept by Stewart Ivester and Mark Heard

All songs written by Mark Heard 1984 Bug 'n Bear Music/ASCAP all rights reserved except "Threw It Away" - written by Mark Heard and Pat Terry 1984 Bug 'n Bear Music/Word Music/ASCAP all rights reserved,

Thanks: Tim Alderson for all the late hours and hard work, Pat Terry for friendship deserving of some type of medal or something, Mylo Carter for not getting bored doing punch-in's in his sleep, Cheryl and Tom for the encouragement and support.  Love to John and Jean Heard and much appreciation for their involvement in Fingerprint Recorders; to Susan Heard, to Gian and Prisca and the others in Canton Vaud; to Pat and Pam and Flippy the Fishhead; to the Circle of Cynics, as well as Dave and the Skeptic Tank; to Bill and John; to Chompie's Grotto; to Tom and Dori; to Dave and Christie, and of course, to Sue.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Francis A. Schaeffer, whose love for truth and whose understanding of the arts has helped me more than I can say, in my desire to interweave the two.

Correspondence: (please write)
Fingerprint Communications
P.O. Box 834
Montrose, California 91020

Concert Representation:
Street Level Artists Agency
32 South Raymond Avenue
Suite #8
Pasadena, California 91105
(818) 796-2027

Coming in Autumn 1984-new rock 'n roll release from Mark Heard


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